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Welcome to the Lemonjelly world of childcare!


Lemonjelly can find and provide the perfect childcare solution to suit your individual needs. We understand that your children are your world which is why we’ve made them ours too!


We offer a variety of solutions whether you are looking for an experienced nanny, a babysitter or an extra pair of hands, we can help. Based in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area we place local staff on both a temporary and permanent basis for one off engagement or ongoing contracts, dependant on each family’s needs.

Live out Nanny

A live out nanny will care for your children in your own home, offering individual care. They will work independently (with sole charge) or alongside parents (shared care). A nanny is responsible for the safety and development of the child/ren in their care by providing a safe, stimulating and caring environment for the child/ren and the planning and organising of activities to help enhance your child’s learning and development.


The principle duties of a nanny, known as nursery duties, involve doing the children’s laundry and ironing, ensuring the children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and play areas remain clean, tidy and organised and undertaking the planning and preparation of the children’s meals.


Duties may also include;

  • Taking and collecting the children from school / nursery.
  • Ensuring that the children’s toys and equipment are well maintained and clean.
  • Homework supervision and assistance.
  • Organising trips and days out to promote the social and educational development of the children.
  • Arranging play dates, social activities and after school groups.
  • Keeping parents fully informed of their child’s day, progress & any other important information.


Live out – 10 – 12 hours a day – Monday to Friday. With additional paid babysitting available on request.

Live in Nanny

A live in nanny works in your family home, they’re responsible for providing a safe and loving environment for your child to develop safety within. Nannies should stimulate children’s development through play by organising activities both inside and outside the home.


Live in Nannies can have shared care with the parents or sole charge of the children.


  • As well as ensuring a safe and stimulating environment for the children, the duties of a live in nanny may include:
  • Supervising children at all times.
  • Ensuring all children’s areas are clean, tidy and well organised.
  • Planning and preparing all children’s meals.
  • Childcare errands – school / nursery run, laundry, and homework supervision.
  • Homework supervision and assistance.
  • Arranging play dates, social activities and after school groups.
  • Keeping parents fully informed of their child’s day, progress & any other important information.

A live in nanny can also be asked to, accompany families on holiday, undertake the family grocery shop, arrange doctor and dentist appointments, ensure they are at home to receive deliveries, respond to invitations and school notices and complete a daily diary.

Hours and accommodation

Live in 10-12 hour day – Monday to Friday – Additional 2 nights babysitting a week. Accommodation and food included.


Parent Help

A parent help is a position generally filled by someone embarking on a career as a nanny, they are usually in training or newly qualified and have minimal experience of caring for a child within the home with sole charge.


A ‘parent help’ carer will work alongside the parents, acting as a daily support in the primary care of your child and running the household. They will begin by following the direction and guidance of a parent closely until they have gained more experience, they can then be given sole charge of their responsibilities.


Duties can include;

  • Nursery duties – children’s laundry, keeping their areas tidy and cooking for the children.
  • Entertaining the children with activities and games.
  • Running errands for the family – shopping, dog walking, general house tidy and laundry duties.
  • Helping with the school run.
  • Preparing basic meals.
  • Parent Helps can be live in or live out.

Temporary Nannies

A Temporary Nanny is a great option for parents who need childcare for a short period of time or a quick emergency solution, often used to cover illness, school holidays or busier periods of time. All of our temporary nannies are experienced childcare professionals have previously worked as a nanny so understand the responsibilities of the role.


Depending on the length of time a temporary nanny is working with a family their duties may include:

  • Ensuring the children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and play areas are clean, tidy and organised
  • Preparation of all meals for the children.
  • The children’s laundry and ironing.
  • Errand running and grocery shopping.
  • Taking and collecting the children from school / nursery / groups.
  • Homework supervision and assistance.
  • Arranging play dates, social activities and after school groups.
  • Organising trips and days out.
  • Keeping parents fully informed of their child’s day, progress & any other important information.


Temporary – 3 – 12 hours per day – for as many days as you may require. Some may even work 24hrs a day or accompany a family on holiday.


Nanny shares are becoming increasingly popular, they usually comprise of two families who live close enough to each other to fully benefit from a shared childcare package. For many parents they are a cost effective and flexible solution for great childcare.


How it works:

A nannyshare will involve a nanny caring for both children at once or splitting their time over the week (i.e. work 2 days with one family and 3 days with another). If the families opt for joint childcare, than they must make further decisions about whether it will take place within one home or split over both employers homes.

As a nannyshare is so flexible it does require good communication from all parties, this is to ensure a smooth working relationship. It is important that both families have a good understanding of each other’s ideas on, childcare, food, discipline, illness (both child and/or Nanny’s) and holiday entitlement. This is why any nanny put forward for one of these positions usually has a wealth of experience behind them.

After School Nannies

After School Nannies usually care for children who are aged five and over, and those who are in full time education. Their working hours are normally from 12 pm if a child is in nursery / preschool or 3pm onwards when children are in full time education. Some after school nannies can also work full days when your child is unwell and will often cover extra hours during school holidays.


An after school nannies duties will include:

  • Preparing evening meals.
  • Supervise and assist homework.
  • Arrange suitable playdates, social activities and after school groups.
  • Organise bath and bedtime.
  • Keep parents fully informed of their child’s day, progress & any important information.

Extra: Some families may wish to extent their nanny’s work hours slightly outside of school collections, in order to help with a few household errands.



3 – 5 hours a days – Monday to Friday. Additional hours possible.

Event Nannies

Our event nannies will come to your event to supervise and entertain the children. Whether childcare is required at a hotel, your home or a private venue, our event nannies will come to your location and ensure your children are safe, happy, well cared for and have fun.


Our event nannies do not bring toys or games with them, parents will need to supply these.


Our service is tailored to meet your specific needs and provides parents with confidence and peace of mind. Our aim is to allow mums and dads to relax and enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge their children are having a great time too, so the occasion is enjoyed by everyone.


Every event is different so please contact us to discuss your personal requirements and allow us to provide the best package for your needs.

With our extensive database of childcarers to give you help and support, you can feel confident with Lemonjelly.

I found Lemonjelly to be very helpful, friendly and efficient. My requirements were quite tricky, but they found me the perfect nanny and my children love her.


Susie, Oxford.

Jo’s experience as a mum and nanny makes her well placed to understand the needs of the parents, the nanny and of course the children. Our son is now 18 months old so I’m sure we’ll be calling on Lemonjelly again! THANK YOU LEMONJELLY


Ali, Princes Risborough

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