It’s Pancake Day!

When is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) takes place 47 days before Easter Sunday. Because the date of Easter Sunday is dictated by the cycles of the moon, Pancake Day can occur any-time between 3rd February and 9th March.

This year it falls on 25th February.


What is Pancake Day?

Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before Lent, traditionally a period of abstinence, associated with clearing your cupboards of goods such as sugar, fats and eggs. It’s commonly known as Pancake Day because it represents a good opportunity to use such ingredients ahead of the fasting period.

Basic pancake recipe

Mary Berry’s Easy Pancake Recipe

(12 small pancakes)

*125g plain flour

*1 egg and 1 yolk

*300ml milk .


1. Sift 125g plain flour into a bowl and make a well in the middle. Whisk together one egg, one egg yolk and a little milk taken from the 300ml, then pour into the well. Whisk with a little of the flour.

2. Gradually whisk in half of the remaining milk, drawing in the rest of the flour a little at a time, to make a smooth batter. Stir in the remaining milk. Cover and leave to stand for about 30 minutes.

3. Heat the frying pan and brush with a little oil.

4. Ladle two or three tablespoons of batter into the pan and tilt the pan so that the batter spreads out evenly over the bottom.

5. Cook the pancake over a medium-high heat for 45-60 seconds until small holes appear on the surface, the underside is lightly browned and the edge has started to curl. Loosen the pancake and turn it over by tossing or flipping it with a palette knife. Cook the other side for about 30 seconds until golden. Slide the pancake out of the pan.

6. Heat and lightly grease the pan again before making the next pancake. Serve the pancakes with your favourite topping and enjoy!

Ideas for fillings;
– Chocolate Sauce
– Fruit Jam
– Bananas and Honey
– Ice Cream
– Strawberries and Chocolate
– Lemon and Sugar
– Maple syrup

– Cheese, ham, and tomato
– Scrambled eggs and bacon
– Tuna Mayo
– Cream cheese and vegetables


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