Insurance for Nannies

Insurance for nannies
If you are working with children aged 0 – 17yrs in a role such as a nanny, maternity nurse or mothers help we highly recommend you consider taking out Public Liability Insurance.  Having liability insurance will give you the peace of mind that you are protected should anything happen to the children in your care when you are looking after them.

Having insurance can also enhance your professional status.

What is public liability (nanny) insurance?

Public liability insurance gives you financial protection by providing compensation, claimant costs and expenses if any of your charges are injured whilst in your care.

No matter how wonderful you are at your job accidents can still happen and if you are found to have been negligent you could face legal proceedings and you may have to pay damages if you were found to be at fault. Essentially, it gives you protection should happen to the children whilst in your care.

The level of cover offered varies but most policies provide cover up to £5million.

Do I need it?

Having insurances isn’t a legal requirement in the UK however we strongly advise all childcarers to consider taking it out.

Many nannies work for years without insurance because they don’t think they need it or they don’t know about it, until an accident occurs. Whilst you would always hope that if an accident did happen your employers would be understanding and see it as an accident however if they believed you were neglectful, they may hold you liable for any damages and seek compensation – with public liability insurance policy in place your legal costs would be covered.

Insurance is an essential requirement for any nanny on the Ofsted voluntary register.

How much does it cost?

Policies can cost between £68 – £100 per year depending on the level of cover you choose.

Some insurers offer discounted policies if you are in the process of becoming registered with Ofsted and some associations such as ANA and BAPN provide discounted to members too.

Childcarers should be responsible for paying for their own insurance.

Who to contact

The following companies all offer insurance;

*Morton Michel



*Payroll for Nannies

Lemonjelly Childcare Solutions